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TitleImportant Events during Prophet's(saw) Life - محمّد صلّی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلّم

[53 BH - 10 AH] [570 - 632 CE]

Muhammad, peace be upon him, was a shy, reticent man who lived among his people with such high moral character they called him al-Amîn — the Trustworthy.

The Prophet’s unique physical appearance, his high character and willingness to sacrifice for others, are often at the essence of any description of him. According to the narrations from his Companions he can be described in the following words:

Muhammad was imposing and majestic. His face was luminous like a full moon.

He was taller than medium but not excessive in height. He had wavy hair, which he parted and it never went beyond his shoulders. He was light-skinned with a high brow. He had full eyebrows and a small space between them. His beard was full, his eyes black. His physique was supple and lithe, with a full chest and broad shoulders. When he walked, he was determined and his pace was as if he was walking down hill.

He was decisive and whole-hearted in everything he did, so intent on the task at hand that he never looked over his shoulder, even if his cloak got caught in a thorny bush.

When he spoke he was always brief and reflective. He spoke when he saw benefit and spent long periods in silent contemplation. His speech was comprehensive being neither wordy nor abrupt. He had a mild temperament and was never harsh nor cruel, coarse nor rude. He expressed gratitude for everything given to him no matter how insignificant. When he spoke, his companions lowered their heads as if birds were perched upon them. When he was silent, they felt free to speak. He never criticized food or praised it excessively. He never swore, nor did he find fault in people. He did not flatter people but praised them when appropriate.

When he did turn to speak to somebody, he used to swing his entire body around and address them full face. When he shook hands, he was never the first to withdraw his own.

People entered his gatherings as seekers and left enlightened. He would ask about his companions when they were absent often making inquiries about people’s needs. He never stood nor sat without mentioning the name of God. He never reserved a special place for himself in a gathering and sat where space was provided. He gave each of those who sat with him such full attention that everyone felt that he was the most important person in that gathering. Voices were never raised in his presence. The aged were respected for their age and the young were shown compassion for their youth.

His wives and Companions spoke of his humour and cheerfulness. He said once, “I joke but always tell the truth.”

His wife Aisha said, “he was always making us laugh in the house.” One of his names is ad-dahhak — the smiling one.

Once an old woman asked him if she would enter paradise and he replied, “Old people don’t go to heaven!” The woman was crestfallen with the answer he had provided, to which he added with a smile, “You shall enter paradise in the prime of your youth.”

And once a gruff desert Bedouin came into the mosque and prayed out loud saying, “O God forgive me and Muhammad and don’t forgive anyone else.” Hearing this the Prophet laughed and said to him, “You are limiting the vast mercy of God.”

He died on the same day he was born, in the same house he had lived in for ten years in Medina, on a small bed made of leather stuffed with palm fibres, in the arms of his beloved wife Aishah.

His dying words were, “Treat your women well, and do not oppress your servants, the prayer, the prayer, don’t be neglectful of the prayer. O God, my highest companion, O highest companion.”

Muhammad exemplifies the strong and profound relationship that each human being ought to have with his Creator, his fellow human beings, and the world around him. May Almighty God and His angels and all His creation bless him and greet him with the salutations of peace!
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Muhammad (saw)
Imprint of the historical seal of Muhammad(saw)
Conquests of Prophet Muhammad and the Rashidun Caliphate, 630-641 CE.
#Hijri (AH)CETitleDescription
152 BH571Birth
The Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, peace be upon him, born an orphan. His father Abdullah, had died a few months before the birth of his son.
9 or 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal 52 or 53 BH April 570 or 571 CE
252 BH5718 days
Halima Sadiyya, (RA), appointed wet nurse
571 CE
345 BH5776 Years
Return to Mecca under the care of his mother
46 BH 577 CE
445 BH5776 Years
Mother, Amina, passes away
46 BH 577 CE
543 BH5798 Years
Grandfather, Abdul-Muttalib, died
44 BH 579 CE
639 BH58312 years
First visit to Syria with a trading caravan
40 BH 583 CE
736 BH58615 Years
Pledge of Fudul to help the needy and the oppressed
37 BH 586 CE
827 BH59525 Years
Second journey to Syria for trade as an agent of Khadija, (RA)
28 BH 595 CE
927 BH59525 Years
Marriage with Khadija, (RA)
28 BH 595 CE
1024 BH59828 Years
Birth of a son, Qasim (RA)
25 BH 598 CE
1122 BH60030 Years
Birth of his daughter, Zainab, (RA)
23 BH 600 CE
1219 BH60333 Years
Birth of his daughter, Ruqayya, (RA)
20 BH 603 CE
1318 BH60434 years
Birth of his daughter, Um-e-Kalthum, (RA)
19 BH 604 CE
1417 BH60535 years
Renovation of Ka'aba and the placement of Hajr-e-Aswad (Black Stone)
18 BH 605 CE
1517 BH60535 years
Birth of his daughter, Fatima, (RA)
18 BH 605 CE
1611 BH61040 Years
Jibrail bought the First Revelation in the Cave of Hira
12 BH 610 CE
1711 BH61040 Years 6 months
Revelation of the Holy Quran continues, Ministry of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) is established. Khadija (the wife), Abu Bakr (the best friend), Ali (the dearest cousin) and Zaid (a freed slave and adopted son)(RA) accept Islam
Friday 18 Ramadan 12 BH 14 August 610 CE
187 BH61443 Years
Open invitation to the people of Mecca to join Islam under Allah's command
9 BH 614 CE
196 BH61546 Years
A group of Muslims emigrates to Abyssinia
7 BH 615 CE
206 BH61546 Years
Blockade of Shi'b Abi-Talib
7 BH 30 September 615 CE
215 BH61646 Years
Hamza (paternal uncle) and Umar, (RA), accept Islam
6 BH 616 CE
222 BH61949 Years
Abu Talib, (beloved uncle and guardian) and only a few days later, Khadija, the most beloved wife, passed away
Ramadan 3 BH January 619 CE
232 BH61949 Years
Marriage with Sau'da, (RA)
3 BH 619 CE
242 BH61949 Years
Marriage with Aisha, (RA)
3 BH 619 CE
252 BH61949 Years
Journey to Ta'if, about 40 miles from Mecca, for calling the citizens of Ta'if to Islam
3 BH 619 CE
261 BH62050 Years
Journey of Mi'raj. Five daily prayers made obligatory for Muslims
27 Rajab 2 BH 8 March 620 CE
271 BH62050 Years
Deputation from Medina accepts Islam
2 BH 620 CE
280 AH62152 Years
First Pledge of 'Aq'ba'
Dhul Haj, 1 BH 621 CE
290 AH62252 Years
Second Pledge of 'Aq'ba
3 months BH June 622 CE
300 AH62252 Years
Hijra (migration) from Mecca to the cave of Thaur
Friday 27 Safar 10 September 622 CE
310 AH62252 Years
Emigration to Medina begins
Monday 1 Rabi-ul-Awwal 13 September 622 CE
320 AH62253 Years
Arrival at Medina after the first Friday Prayer at Quba's Mosque
12 Rabi-ul-Awwal 1st year AH 24 September 622 CE
330 AH62253 Years
Construction of the Holy Prophet's Mosque at Medina. Bilal's call for Prayer (Adhan)
1st year AH 622 CE
340 AH62253 Years
Brotherhood pacts between Ansar (Muslims from Medina) and Muhajirin (immigrants from Mecca)
1st year AH 622 CE
350 AH62253 Years
Treaty with Jews of Medina
1st year AH 622 CE
361 AH62353 Years
Permission to fight in self-defense is granted by Allah
12 Safar 2 AH 14 August 623 CE
371 AH62353 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Waddan
29 Safar 2 AH 31 August 623 CE
381 AH62354 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Safwan
2 AH 623 CE
391 AH62354 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) Dul-'Ashir
2 AH 623 CE
402 AH62454 Years
Salman Farsi, (RA), accepts Islam
2 AH 624 CE
412 AH62454 Years
Revelation and change of Qibla (direction to face for Formal Prayers, Salat) towards Ka'ba Fasting in the month of Ramadan becomes obligatory
Sha'abn 2 AH February 624 CE
422 AH62454 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Badr
12-17 Ramadan 2 AH March 8-13, 624 CE
43100 BH52454 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Bani Salim
25 Ramadan 2 AH 21 March 524 CE
442 AH62454 Years
Initiation of Eid-ul-Fitr and Zakat-ul-Fitr (Alms at the Eid-ul-Fitr).
28 Ramadan / 1 Shawwal 2 AH 24/25 March 624 CE
452 AH62454 Years
Zakat becomes obligatory for Muslims
Shawwal 2 AH April 624 CE
462 AH62454 Years
Nikah and Marriage ceremony of Fatima, (RA)
Shawwal 2 AH April 624 CE
472 AH62454 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Bani Qainuqa
15 Shawwal 2 AH 10 April 624 CE
482 AH62454 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Sawiq
5 Dhul-Haj 2 AH 29 May 624 CE
492 AH62454 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Ghatfan
Muharram 3 AH July 624 CE
502 AH62455 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Bahran
Rabi-us-Sani 3 AH October 624 CE
513 AH62555 Years
Marriage with Hafsa, (RA)
Shaban 3 AH January 625 CE
523 AH62555 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Uhad
6 Shawwal 3 AH 22 March 625 CE
533 AH62555 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Humra-ul-Asad
8 Shawwal 3 AH 24 March 625 CE
543 AH62555 Years
Marriage with Zainab Bint Khazima, (RA)
Dhul-Haj 3 AH May 625 CE
553 AH62556 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Banu Nudair
Rabi-ul-Awwal 4 AH August 625 CE
563 AH62556 Years
Prohibition of Drinking in Islam
Rabi-ul-Awwal 4 AH August 625 CE
573 AH62556 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Dhatur-Riqa
Jamadi-ul-Awwal 4 AH October 625 CE
584 AH62656 Years
Marriage with Um-e-Salma, (RA)
Shawwal 4 AH March 626 CE
594 AH62656 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Badru-Ukhra
Dhul Qad 4 AH April 626 CE
604 AH62657 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Dumatul-Jandal
25 Rabi-ul-Awwal 5 AH 626 CE
614 AH62657 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Banu Mustalaq Nikah with Jawariya bint Harith, (RA)
3 Shaban 5 AH 28 December 626 CE
625 AH62757 Years
Marriage with Zainab bint Hajash, (RA)
Shawwal 5 AH February 627 CE
635 AH62757 Years
Revelation for Hijab, rules of modesty
1 Dhi Qa'd 5 AH 24 March 627 CE
645 AH62757 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Ahzab or Khandaq (Ditch)
8 Dhi Qa'd 5 AH 31 March 627 CE
655 AH62757 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Bani Quraiza
Dhul-Haj 5 AH April 627 CE
665 AH62757 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Bani Lahyan
1 Rabi-ul-Awwal 6 AH 21 July 627 CE
675 AH62758 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Dhi Qard or Ghaiba
Rabi-ul-Akhar 6 AH August 627 CE
686 AH62858 Years
Treaty of Hudaibiyya
1 Dhi Qa'd 6 AH 13 March 628 CE
696 AH62858 Years
Prohibition of Marriage with non-believers
Dhi Qa'd 6 AH March 628 CE
706 AH62858 Years
Marriage with Habiba, (RA)
Dhul-Haj 6 AH April 628 CE
716 AH62858 Years
Invitation sent to various rulers to accept Islam
1 Muharram 7AH May 628 CE
726 AH62858 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Khaibar Return of Muslims from Abyssinia. Marriage with Safiyya, (RA). Ghazwa (Battle) of Wadiyul-Qura and Taim.
Muharram 7 AH June 628 CE
737 AH62959 Years
Performance of Umra (Umratul-Qada) Marriage with Maimuna, (RA)
Dhi Qa'd 7 AH March 629 CE
747 AH62960 Years
Khalid bin Walid and Umar bin Al-'Aas, may Allah be pleased with both, accept Islam
Safar 8 AH June 629 CE
757 AH62960 Years
Sarya of Muta
Jamadi-ul-Awwal 8 AH August 629 CE
768 AH63060 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Mecca and Fall of Mecca
10 Ramadan 8 AH 1 January 630 CE
778 AH63060 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Hunain (or Autas or Hawazan) and Ghazwa (Battle) of Ta'if
Shawwal 8 AH January 630 CE
788 AH63060 Years
Arrival in Ja'rana Deputation from Hawazan accepts Islam
5 Dhi Qa'd 8 AH 24 February 630 CE
798 AH63060 Years
Regular establishment of Department of Zakat (Alms) and Sadaqa (Charity), and appointment of administrative officers
Muharram, 9 AH April 630 CE
808 AH63060 Years
Deputation from Ghadra accepts Islam
Safar 9 AH May 630 CE
818 AH63061 Years
Deputation from Balli accepts Islam
Rabi-ul-Awwal, 9 AH June 630 CE
828 AH63061 Years
Ummul-Muminin Mariya, (RA), gave birth to a son, Ibrahim(RA)
Jamadi-ul-Akhar, 9 AH August 630 CE
838 AH63061 Years
Ghazwa (Battle) of Tabuk, the last great battle lead by the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him
Rajab, 9 AH October 630 CE
848 AH63061 Years
Ordinance of Jizya, tax on non-believers seeking protection from Muslims and exemption from military service in defense of the country they were living in as its citizens
Rajab 9 AH October 630 CE
859 AH63161 Years
Pilgrimage journey of Abu Bakr Siddique, (RA)
Dhi Qa'd, 9 AH February 631 CE
869 AH63161 Years
Hajj (pilgrimage of Ka'ba in Mecca) made Obligatory by Allah Interest is prohibited in Islam
631 CE
879 AH63161 Years
Deputation Tai, Hamadan, Bani Asad and Bani Abbas, all accept Islam
631 CE
889 AH63162 Years
Deputation from Ghuttan accepts Islam
Ramadan, 10 AH 631 CE
8910 AH63262 Years
Departure from Medina for Mecca for Hajjatul-Wida (Farewell Pilgrimage)
25 Dhi Qa'd 10 AH 23 February 632 CE
9010 AH63262 Years
Entry into Mecca for Hajjatul-Wida (Farewell Pilgrimage)
4 Dhul-Haj 10 AH 1 March 632 CE
9110 AH63262 Years
Hajjatul-Wida, departure for 'Arafat, Farewell Sermon Received the last revelation from Allah
Friday 9 Dhul Hajj 10 AH 6 March 632 CE
9210 AH63262 Years
Return from Mana, Hajjatul-Wida
13 Dhul-Hajj 10 AH 10 March 632 CE
9310 AH63262 Years
Arrival of deputations from Nakha' Last deputation received by the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him
15 Muharram 11 AH 11 April 632 CE
9410 AH63262 Years
Sarya Usama bin Zaid, (RA), last successful military mission during the Holy Prophet's life
28 Safar 11 AH 24 May 632 CE
9510 AH63262 Years
The Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, falls ill
Monday 29 Safar 11 AH 25 May 632 CE
9610 AH63262 Years
The Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, lead the last Salat four days before his departure from this world
Wednesday 8 Rabi-ul-Awwal 11 AH 3 June 632 CE
9710 AH63263 Years
The Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, offered his last Prayer in congregation in the Mosque lead by Abu Bakr, (RA)
Monday 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal 11 AH 7 June 632 CE
9810 AH63263 Years
The Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, passed away
Monday 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal 11 AH 7 June 632 CE
9910 AH63263 Years
Janaza (funeral) Prayer and burial
Wednesday 14 Rabi-ul-Awwal 11 AH 9 June 632 CE